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  1. Nancy Caldwell

    Thanks for putting us at ease about our upcoming sale this weekend.
    We’ve been extremely stressed out about this sale. We’ll be glad to have it past us and be on our way to Florida. See you tomorrow.

  2. Phil McCune

    Robert, Megan and their team did our Estate Sale for my dad on August 7-10, 2014. They did an “outstanding” job with the sale. They had spent approximately a week organizing everything. My dad had 10 of everything. I felt comfortable the entire time knowing the Robert was going to do his best to make sure he sold everything at good price for all parties involved. They get my highest recommendation!

  3. Jeff & Lisa

    Hands of time estate sales is one of our favorite companies to deal with. We always make sure to go to all of their sales. Robert and his team treat their customers with respect and their prices are fair.

  4. Brad Burrick

    Robert and Megan handled my families’ estate sale. The last couple of years had been very stressful for me with sickness and loss along. With this happening the normal responsibilities such as work and children don’t stop. I talked to several estate sale companies and finally decide to go with Hand of Time Estate Sales. This was a hard decision but I wasn’t disappointed. They followed through with everything promised. They handled the estate sale from setup, to the sale, and clean up in a very professional manner. This was exactly what I wanted and gave me peace of mind after it was done. During this time I could focus back on my everyday responsibilities and without concern. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an estate sale company.

  5. Rick

    Robert & Megan,
    Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did for our Dads estate sale. We appreciated how you displayed and priced the items. You both were a pleasure to work with , we would highly recommend Hands of Time Estate Sales .

  6. diane lawrence

    Hands of Time held an estate sale for my family last week and we were extremely pleased. They are trustworthy, efficient, and honest hard-working people who get the job done. The only thing left was a broom in the garage. The home was left clean. They gave us our money with an itemized list of every single thing sold and what it sold for. Absolutely amazing that they can take a home full of stuff accumulated over 50 years and clear it out in one week. Delightful people to work with. My highest recommendation goes to them.

  7. Ken & Ginger

    Hands of Time Estate Sales is one of the best company’s to deal with, Ginger and I go to all there sales as they are easy to deal with and very polite and courtesy to there customers. They make it a friendly atmosphere and they are very fair.

  8. Scott Berman

    Hands of Time Estate Sales provided good service. They executed the sale exactly as they described and cleaned out the house when the sale was finished. I would highly recommend their services.

  9. Sue Brandon

    Megan, Robert and their crew did an excellent job with my family’s estate sale. They did a great job staging and setting up for the sale. They were very flexible and understanding since there were a difficulties that came up before the sale. They were always prompt with returning phone calls and texts for any questions or concerns I had.

  10. Dwight Sullivan

    I Hired Hands of Time to organize and handle my moms estate sale. My mom had a tremendous amount of stuff to sort, thin out, and prepare for sale. Within a few days they had every room of her house set up like a store plus the outside deck, plus the garage, plus not one but two tents in the back yard.

    We sold over 90% of the stuff which was amazing. After the sale they helped me clean up all the remaining items and then helped me clean the house.

    They were Great to work with. They were fast, professional, and hard working. I knew that if I called them for any reason, any time, they would answer or return the call soon.

    I could not recommend them highly enough. You should strongly consider using them for all your estate sale needs.

    – Dwight Sullivan, Belleville Mi.

  11. Kathy Wickens

    I would highly recommend Hands of Time Estate Sales. Megan and Robert were absolutely wonderful. They showed up when they said they would and did everything they said they would. They returned phone calls promptly, and did an outstanding job of setting up, pricing everything, and cleaning up. They certainly helped take out the stress of cleaning out my mom’s house. They even set aside some personal papers and pictures that I missed. I really appreciated their honesty and wonderful customer service!

  12. Karen Adkins

    I try to go to as many Hands of Time Estate Sales as possible. They are always run very professionally and with fair pricing.

  13. Karen Adkins

    I always try to go to any Estate Sale by Hands of Time. All their sales are run professionally and the pricing is fair.

  14. Mark & Lila Wetzel

    Hands of Time just handled our Westland estate sale. They did a wonderful job for us. We thought Megan, Robert and team performed above our expectations. We would highly recommend Hands of Time for your estate sale needs.
    We were very pleased with how our items were displayed in the house. Megan & Robert are hard workers, very thorough with pricing and great to return phone calls and text messages.
    Call them !!!!!

  15. Judy Lubowicki

    The Hands of Time Estate Sales team did a fantastic job with my aunt’s estate sale in March, 2017 in New Boston, Michigan. It was amazing to watch them work and see how efficiently they handled getting everything set-up, photos taken, and things posted for the sale. Their knowledge about the value of items was able to get us more money than we were expecting from the sale. They were EXCELLENT to work with. We would definitely use them again if the need arises. Megan, Rob, and team – Thanks for a top notch job! Judy

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